When it comes to roads, interchanges, airports, hospitals, schools and any other place along our routes in life, we don’t always think about how they are constructed or the science behind how they work, we just expect them to. That means every country, government, contractor, architect and engineer needs the right tools at their disposal to make sure the communities under their watch are protected by high-quality, well thought out infrastructure that keeps them safe and the world running smoothly. That’s why every Prismoline product and application is designed for quality; quality that ensures safety, reliability and clarity no matter the project.

Our team of skilled employees provides quality assured line marking services which is second-to-none using the latest technology and finest materials. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to traffic. Our services are backed by an impressive range of machinery which includes line marking machines and accessories suitable for big & small projects. These machines are serviced regularly and kept in excellent working order.


“Our mission is inline with the national goal of reducing road fatalities by 50% by 2020.”


“Our vision is to be global leader in road safety business.  Our team is dedicated to make Indian roads safer and contribute to the economy by “MAKE IN INDIA” & cater the world.”

Markets Served


Governments, city planners, traffic engineers and others with the responsibility of selecting and maintaining pavement markings recognize the importance of clearly visible pavement markings and retro reflective in reducing traffic accidents and improving road safety.


Prismoline provides contractors and sub-contractors with easily-applicable pavement marking products for regional or state government projects, private property work or commercial contract applications

Military & Airport

For pilots, ground crews, maintenance and traffic management personnel, highly visible, easy-to understand markings that can be read and seen at any time of day or night are critical to the safe operation of any airport.


Any road traveled by the public, including private roads near commercial buildings and parking lots near private enterprises must comply with federal traffic marking and signage standards. This includes shopping centers, restaurants, office parks, industrial facilities or any privately-owned space

Engineers & Architects

Architects and engineers assure that the pedestrian and traffic markings defining crosswalks, traffic routes and other features fit into the overall design aesthetic. Prismoline stylized surfaces and marking materials are used to maximize pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety while providing for a comfortable atmosphere.

Global Exports

Our production is capable to meet export enquiries as well for the International standards such as AASHTO, BS EN, BS, SLS, AS etc to the different parts of the globe.

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